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9 Ways to Earn $9k in 90 Days


In this strategy guide to $9k in 90 Days, author Emmaus Ferdinand explains how to break barriers that are blocking you from living your life to the fullest. From his own personal life experience, he has learned how to create multiple streams of income that has given him true freedom. To Emmaus, Freedom represents being able to live your life in any place you choose, anywhere in the world. It means waking up and going to sleep whenever you want, spending valuable time with your family and having a healthy bank account. Ferdinand teaches with penetrating insight on how to create income that you don't have to go into an office to generate and you can do this in any place in the world. This book teaches you 9 different step-by-step strategies on how to create an extra income stream on a part-time basis. It's time to chase your future self! It’s time to melt the ice!

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