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Do You Want To Learn How To....

Build A Successful 7+ Figure
E-Commerce Business?

Sign up NOW and Let’s turn your yearly income into your monthly income!



I’m Emmaus and I’m your coach! 


Welcome to orientation for E-Commerce Freedom University! In this university you won’t learn boring things like the periodic table or calculus. Instead, we are going to teach you Wealth Building 101 using our proven strategies so that you have the tools to create freedom. Whether freedom looks like retiring early, funding a dream, spending more time with those you love or creating generational wealth, we are here to help you realize that through this course.


I will walk you through, step by step, how to build a successful E-Commerce store.

    Syllabus (aka what you’ll learn):

  • Learn How To Build A Long Term Ecom Business

  • Learn How To Start Making $100 Per Day In No Time

  • Private Members Only Facebook Group (Talk to me and other students to learn and grow your business)

  • Learn How to Source Products, Create Listings and Negotiate with Manufacturers

  • Learn How to Private Label Your Products

  • Access to my personal Trademark Lawyer

  • Learn How to Create Your own Brand/Store

  • Need Funds to Launch Your Store? Learn My secrets on how to get funded

  • Access to My Advertising Team

  • Learn How to Automate everything!!

E-commerce Online Course


Don't have the funds to get started?
We offer FUNDING!

Want hands on Coaching for 3 Months?

You get Access to ALL Course Materials PLUS:

  • 90 Days of Coaching (I will personally help you launch your store and answer any questions)​

Don't have the funds to get started?
We offer FUNDING!

Got Questions? Book a Free Consultation with one of our Freedom University Coaches. 

Meet Your Coach


Emmaus Ferdinand

Emmaus Ferdinand is an entrepreneur with proven success who has become a mentor to thousands and he doesn't take that responsibility lightly. He has earn $7+Figures in the E-Commerce Amazon space. His life's mission is to inspire people through his leadership, his voice and his actions, all powered by his faith in God.

Real Results!

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