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Freedom University

Freedom University is a place where you can learn how to have  financial freedom and time freedom! As a Freedom U graduate, you’ll have the tools to not only thrive in today’s economy but to make your own decisions. We exist to break the millennial’s curse. What do we mean? Despite making up about a quarter of the population, millennials — defined as those born between 1981 and 1996 — own only 3% of the country's wealth, according to the Federal Reserve's. Our goal is to start changing this immediately and help as many millennials as possible. But It’s not only about financial freedom. To Freedom University, freedom may represent being able to live your life in any place you choose, anywhere in the world. It means waking up and going to sleep whenever you want, spending valuable time with your family and having a healthy bank account. At Freedom University you’ll learn how to create income that you don’t necessarily have to go into an office to generate, but rather have the freedom to do from home or on vacation. Hats off to Freedom!

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