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Emmaus Ferdinand

Emmaus Ferdinand is an entrepreneur with proven success who has become a mentor to thousands and he doesn't take that responsibility lightly. His life's mission is to inspire people through his leadership, his voice and his actions, all powered by his faith in God. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in an underprivileged area, Emmaus understands what it is like to lack some of life's basic necessities. His family is first generation American and Emmaus grew up watching his mom work extremely hard to maintain their humble living conditions. Seeing how hard his mother worked created a burning desire in him to do something to change his family's financial condition. Emmaus moved from New York to Maryland to go to College. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Emmaus started his career in Asset Investment in a prestigious Fortune 500 company. Though Emmaus looked like a public success with a "great career", he found himself living check to check and having little time to enjoy life because his career was very demanding. At this point Emmaus started his personal development journey and surrounded himself with mentors. After putting what he learned into action, life quickly began to change for the better. Today Emmaus owns 4 successful businesses, travels the world, inspires thousands, and is an Author. He uses the life lessons that he's learned in order to encourage individuals to overcome their circumstances, choose the right circle of mentors and reach their goals.

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