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How to earn money Buying and Selling Cars

Meet Your Coach


Pejman Ghadimi

An exotic car enthusiast and founder of Exotic Car Hacks.

He used to make every mistake imaginable from poor negotiation, over paying, bad financing, until he started figuring out a process to own exotics without losing money.


For the last decade, he has bought and sold over 150 exotic and luxury cars from every brand imaginable like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, Range Rover, and more.


Today, he teaches regular people how to buy their dream car for up to 80% off MSRP without being rich, without needing a dealers license, without  getting stuck with repairs, and ultimately get in and out of their cars for less than what they'd pay for a Honda Accord.

See What Our Students Are Saying:


5 Hour Step-By-Step Training

  • The training covers buying the right car, negotiation, how much you should pay, how to protect yourself and your purchase, and more. 

  • How to leverage the banks money so you don't need to put down huge amounts of cash.

  • Save big dollars by using our tricks to avoid going to the dealership to make your ownership cost very affordable.

  • Learn the selling aspects to getting maximum visibility to get the highest dollar possible so you can drive an exotic for as little possible.

Comprehensive Car Buyer's Guides

  • I provide you a list of the best cars to hack which includes a comprehensive buyer's guide for each car.

  • Covered are the best years to buy, and which years to avoid that are more problematic.

  • Understand the true cost of ownership of exotics with our maintenance cost breakdown per car.

  • Get our final recommendation on best car, option, colors, and price to pay for.

My Trusted Network Of Personal Resources

  • See which insurance providers are 'exotic car friendly' so you don't waste time.

  • Get the best rates when financing with our recommend banks and credit unions, even if you have bad credit.

  • Find the right independent mechanic and save big dollars with our community driven list of trusted mechanics.

  • Avoid working with known crooks and shady salesmen through our list of blacklisted dealers.

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