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Nikki Ferdinand

Nicole (Nikki) Ferdinand has been a full time entrepreneur since 2013 with successful ventures in real estate, car sales, beauty and network marketing. Her most recent project of passion has been co-founding Freedom University with her husband. Freedom University is a digital platform that  provides community and education on many ways to create financial freedom that was created for anyone open to learning and ready to take action to pursue the life they want.

Nikki personally coaches students on how she created a 7 figure Airbnb business while traveling the world. That’s her goal for all Freedom University students- to create passive income that creates more time freedom to do the things they love!  But it wasn’t that long ago that Nikki was living the complete opposite of that goal - working 40 to 60 hour weeks in advertising, not feeling completely fulfilled in her career and knowing there was more to life than living for the next day off. However, she’s grateful for the experience because it was at her lowest point where she found her God-given purpose: to help others create the time and money freedom to pursue their God given purpose as well.

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