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Learn How to Earn Money Hosting AirBnB

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I’m Nikki and I’m your coach! 


Welcome to orientation for BNB Freedom University! In this university you won’t learn boring things like the periodic table or calculus. Instead, we are going to teach you Wealth Building 101 using our proven BNB strategy so that you have the tools to create freedom. Whether freedom looks like retiring early, funding a dream, spending more time with those you love or creating generational wealth, we are here to help you realize that through this course.


I will walk you through, step- by step, how to rent properties that you do not have to own and list them on Airbnb. It’s almost fool proof because if you’ve ever rented an apartment before, you’re already half way there!


Syllabus (aka what you’ll learn):


•Taking care of business (setting up your LLC’s, business bank accounts, insurances etc.) 


•Freedom U Profitably Formula (so you can be sure you are picking profitable Airbnbs)


•How to price your Airbnbs to receive top dollar


• How to get landlords & property managers  to agree to Airbnbs 


• Choosing your team and setting up automation (you don’t want to be cleaning your own Airbnbs forever... or ever) 


• How to furnish, list and get bookings within 24 hours of move in 


• Reviews & occupancy are where the Money Resides!! Strategies on gaining 5 star reviews and maximizing your bookings 


• Access to private BNB Freedom University graduating class FB group 


• Bonuses:

- 5 strategies for  Airbnb bonus money outside of regular bookings 

- Templates, checklists and scripts for landlords, guests, cleaners 

- Access to past Live Recordings


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